Go Far! Government Services, LLC is a progressive and modern small government services company that is committed and dedicated to helping our clients achieve their set outcomes and missions by providing top-tier quality Human Performance Optimization services. These services include, Strength and Conditioning Specialists/Exercise Physiologists for warfighter’s physical readiness and career sustainment, Cognitive Behavioral Specialists for psychological readiness, Athletic Trainers for injury prevention and care, Physical Therapists for injury management and treatment, Nutritionists to provide education on fueling for performance, and Massage Therapists to assist in physical recovery. We recruit highly-qualified professionals to execute these services worldwide. As well as create a diverse and inclusive work environment for our team of employees.

Core Competencies

Tactical Oriented Instructional Swimming Courses

Tactical Oriented Water Survival and Motor Vehicle Egression Courses

Exercise Physiologists / Strength and Conditioning Specialists

Injury Management and Rehabilitation

Cognitive Behavioral Consultation (Mental Performance Coaches)

Physical & Occupational Therapy

Athletic Trainers

High Performance Nutrition Consultation

Massage Therapy

Human Performance Optimization Services supporting Military and Private Sector entities.

Hiring Veterans


Go Far! Government Services, LLC can offer agencies with a comprehensive health and wellness approach to preparing their human weapon system personnel for the high physical and mental demands of their career sustainability, missions, or deployments.

What makes Go Far! Government Services, LLC stand apart from other companies is its commitment towards solely focusing on Human Performance Optimization services. Making Go Far! Government Services, LLC the optimal choice for any Human Performance Optimization needs.

Past Performance

The Founder & CEO of Go Far! Government Services, LLC has spent 18 years working as a contracted Tactical Strength & Conditioning Specialist for Army (USSOCOM), the US Coast Guard Academy, and an Exercise Physiologist /Swim Instructor for Air Force TACP Special Operators. Additionally, worked as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist for D1, D1AA, D2, and D3 collegiate athletics. Furthermore, worked as a Strength & Conditioning Fellow for the NFL Carolina Panthers.